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A brief story

Our story begins in 1998 in a backyard loft hidden in the 3rd district of Vienna. Gabi Neuherz and her former partners began as a small start-up advertising agency with an emphasis on packaging development for international corporations, POS marketing, and online projects.

As their client base expanded, the projects grew more sophisticated and challenging. To accomodate to these demands, Gabi Neuherz established in September 2016 a new creative agency, neu plus herz.

The new studio, located in the Josefstadt, 8th district Vienna, serves not only as the workplace for our creative team, but our Panoramic Rooftop Garden has also become a gathering place for clients and colleagues alike.


The mission

We are a community of creatives.

We are individualists, bean counters, design nerds, photographers, yogaistas, surfers, hikers, hobby gardeners, gourmets, gourmands, excel aficionados, artists, writers, digital nomads, and daytime dreamers from Vienna (and “not-from-Vienna”).

We collaborate and benefit from each others’ talents by following 3 Golden Rules:

  1. To paraphrase Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act when it becomes a habit.
  2. An awesome rooftop view will always promote creativity.
  3. Eating great food makes the brain perform better.


Our partners and us

As an independent, client-based agency, we are awesome at what we do: making our clients happy.

We know where our strengths lie – and for the rest, we enlist “cherry-picked” and carefully chosen partners who support our projects with their expertise, and share our passion and professionalism.

We work in dynamic, interdisciplinary teams that strive to develop great ideas…and then make them greater.

This is neu plus herz.




creativity + food à la carte

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